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Wings of fire : by Kalam, A P J Abdul

Publication: Hyderabad Universities press 2013 25 Date: 2013

A must read book. Added 21/08/2017 by biman.samanta

Think like a Tycoon by Hill, W.G.

Publication: Scope international Limited 1994 25 Date: 1994

Its a good book for new entrepreneurs Added 21/08/2017 by meghamala

Indian Journal of Finance

Publication: New Delhi 25

Important for Sem 6 BBA Added 19/08/2017 by meghamala

No cover image available No cover image available

The man who fought alone / by Donaldson, Stephen R

Publication: New York : Forge book, 2001 25 Date: 2001

In a sprawling new novel, Stephen R. Donaldson tells a tale of a hero's dark night of the soul. Mick Axbrewder has enough problems to kill any ten lesser men. He's a recovering alcoholic. He's also healing-painfully and slowly-from a gunshot wound that nearly killed him. His old partner, Ginny, seems to want as little to do with him as possible. Added 12/08/2017 by meghamala

United 93 [motion picture] by Greengrass, Paul

Publication: 2006 , BAFTA Award For Best Direction Biographical-drama 25 Date: 2006

This movie shows the courage of the 40 common people when plane named ‘UNITED 93’ got hijacked by the terrorist group. Terrorist group hijacked 4 planes. And flights got struck to the ‘world trade centre’. One of the black day in world history. They thought it’s better to try before dying. Added 03/06/2017 by vipul.adarsh

No cover image available No cover image available

Veni vidi vici :

Publication: 25

book is about a regional foot ball team Added 30/05/2017 by ananya

No cover image available No cover image available

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